Making my thoughts peaceful and stable with meditation


Knowing more about ourselves and our world


Encouraging people to re-energise their values


Getting inspired and creative with spiritual ideas

Staying healthy takes time and attention. These reflections may help you keep your mind on the positive side of life.

My thoughts

Did I read or listen to some uplifting message before I started my day - for example, a poem, a song, a message?

When I felt negative, what did I think and do?

Did I stop for one minute's meditation every hour, to control the ‘traffic' of the mind?

Did I stay in the present moment and remain mindful of the quality of my actions?

My attitudes

What did I feel about myself today?

Did I change negative thoughts about myself into positive ones?

Did I remember other people's criticism of me or the happy things I know about myself?

My actions

Did I list or review the special things I want to achieve?

Did I tell my family how much I value and love them?

Did I help anyone today?

At the end of the day, was I able to say to myself, "I have this virtue (for example, happiness) in me?"


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Give Happiness to others

Dear friends, Om shanti. Our time is very valuable. Let every thought and every breath be filled with pure love and happiness. This will bring incredible happiness inside. Never allow your mood to be spoiled. ...

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Everyday spin the wheel and enjoy the magic - Keep the virtue in your awareness throughout the day and see how it colours your world...

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