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Madhuban - The Forest of Honey


Cradled by Mt. Abu’s rugged splendour and lush vegetation, and nestled near the still waters of Nakki Lake, lies ‘Madhuban’, the global spiritual headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

Madhuban is a place where thousands of BK students from nearly 100 countries gather to deepen their meditation practice. Madhuban’s clear and subtle atmosphere of spirituality inspires profound experiences. A practitioner of Raja Yoga meditation has no need to make radical changes in life–style or permanently leave home and family. However, a few weeks in Madhuban, away from worldly responsibilities, dramatically assists a student’s spiritual growth. Lectures and workshops provide essential tools which enable students to explore and emerge the powers of spirituality innate within each human being.


The Madhuban Campus

Over the decades the Madhuban campus has evolved into an expansive, yet still homely, complex of dormitories, residential units, meditation venues and buildings that house dining facilities, administrative offices, a literature shop, a telephone exchange and a dispensary. The Universal Peace Hall, a 3,000 seat auditorium, has regularly hosted international conferences since 1983. Dining facilities can cater meals for up to 4,000.

Just as the cool heights of Mt. Abu beckoned the Rajasthani kings to retreat from their daily routine; professionals from all corners of the world are attracted to the spiritual power of ’Madhuban‘. Above and beyond the hustle and bustle, the wondrous beauty of ‘Madhuban’ spirits you away to another world.

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