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Shantivan - The Forest of Peace


At the base of Mount Abu, just before Abu Road begins its climb up Mount Abu, lays, to the left of the road, a magnificent complex, the third Brahma Kumaris campus, Shantivan. This sprawling collection of buildings was built in response to University's ever–growing world–transforming activities in the area of spiritual education and training. It provides an excellent venue for holding large conferences, spiritual congregations and retreats, and features modern means of communication, transport, extensive kitchen and dining facilities, well–laid–out roads, electricity, and solar energy.


The Majestic Diamond Hall

The main attraction of Shantivan is its massive, awe–inspiringly Diamond Hall, built to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the University. Majestic in art, architecture and equipment, it has the distinction of being able to seat 20,000 people!


The Shantivan Campus

The Shantivan complex includes a main conference hall and six smaller halls. The seating capacity of the conference hall is twelve hundred and there is facility for simultaneous translation in six languages. The smaller halls each accommodate three hundred and fifty people and are suitable for lectures, seminars, workshops, etc. There are also two halls for meditation and a spiritual museum on this campus. Shantivan’s residential buildings can lodge 15,000 guests.

In addition to this gigantic structure, Shantivan has the largest parabolic solar device in India, which provides steam heat for cooking; and, together with wind energy, provides electricity for computers, the telephone exchange and emergency emergency lighting systems.

One building houses the University’s printing department and publishes its two monthly magazines: Gyanamrit (Hindi) and World Renewal (English), as well as many books and booklets in several languages.

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