Dadi Janki interviewed by Sr. Gayatri

January 02, 2010

Gayatri asks deep, reflective questions in this interview with Dadi Janki, the spiritual leader of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

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# armeen 2011-02-16 18:41
love you Dadi :-) there are no words for you......... you are the simplest
# Aida 2010-11-13 20:37
Dadi: your wisdom touched my heart. Insightful questions by Sr. Gayatri and thank you to Sr. Manda for her excellent translation.
Om shanti
# celine 2010-05-31 03:45
om shanti,I love you dadi,you give
me spiritual health thank you will see you soon.
Giridhar Paryani
# Giridhar Paryani 2010-05-30 12:34
It was really a peaceful movement, enjoying the serene and perfect words describing the meaning of Om was lovely experience... Om Shanti.....
# FAtos 2010-05-23 19:08
Thankyou Dadi,I LOVE YOU om shanti.
Elisa Lesmes
# Elisa Lesmes 2010-05-23 00:46
OM SHANTI! I love you Dadi, thank you for gift us your knoledge, this is the best for our spiritual live.
# Choi 2010-05-09 19:39
Touching...just looking Dadi`s face...Om Shanti.
karthik balasubramani
# karthik balasubramani 2010-05-06 14:06
Dadi, This is like a new unseen world. Like more deeper you go into ocean more beautiful it is, similarly more of Dadi's words i hear...more i get impressed.
# sam 2010-05-04 16:09

Dadi thankyou for always pushing me to rise to my highest self with your selfless love, compassion and faith.

# vipul 2010-03-20 13:47
om shanti. i love you dadiji
# ARCHANA VERMA 2010-03-14 11:27
om shanti.i love you dadi.its really inspiring itself to listen are really the ocean of knoledge and love and helps to make us more powerfull soul.i am very thankful to you to make us anandswaroop atma
rocklyn burgess
# rocklyn burgess 2010-02-24 20:26
This video was the best spiritual food i have eaten on peace, transformation ,self respect.Dadi I you love and and thank you for sharing you knowledge. May God be with you always.I know we shall meet one day. OmShanti shanti
Sis Rocki
# asma 2010-02-12 09:36
its really good.thanku very much for keeping this video.i have learned so many things by seeing this,and i got to know the power of silence.