The Power to Accommodate 2 of 3

March 18, 2010

How do we know if a decision will bring benefit or not? How do we know if the answer is coming from a clean space? Join us as Keith Woods, Dean of Poynter Institute interviews Shireen Chada, Coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris Tampa about the Power to Discern.

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Mary (Moderator)
# Mary (Moderator) 2017-01-06 22:09
Good questions. First of all, we should only follow things that we understand and feel will have a beneficial affect on our lives. Regarding onion and garlic, the point of refraining from them is to clear the head of substances that can interfere with our ability to come into the awareness of God. God is extremely subtle. The mind must be clear, clean and peaceful to pick up God’s subtle energy. Diet is one of many approaches to having loving relationship with the Supreme Soul. Ultimately, we each must decide how important that relationship is and how we can best maintain the relationship. And by the way, although garlic has some health benefits, it is toxic to the body. Information about this is widely available.
Rupak ghimire
# Rupak ghimire 2016-12-31 15:25
I'm still not following any way how to follow the God.But I like some of the knowladge of Om is my some question that I can't agree with it. Can God give me a perfect answer.

1.Yes I agree it's a peace of mind.But what is the connection between God and onion and garlic? According to science garlic is important for mind.?

2.By killing self satisfaction does it become blades by God? I mean when you are hungry we need food but we have to stay in constant because we are following Om shanti.?

3. If the suprem sole gives the knowledge the we need the way for belive can god shows the trust over him/her.? If the knowladge is same then why people shows different behaviours?