Check the quality of your own thinking

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  Some tell me that they cannot get on with others. Whose mistake is it that you can’t get on with someone, if not your own? Go into silence and ask yourself how you are thinking. Check the quality of your own thinking. You may think you are very good and that others have to change. If you are thinking such types of thoughts, you cannot be serving others at that time. Have mercy on yourself. Free yourself from seeing others and blaming others and do service with your pure attitude. Make God your companion and He will get what He needs to get done through you. I have to only see myself and see God. There is so much enjoyment in seeing how God works. Let everything now happen with harmony.

With love,
BK Janki


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Words for the World - Hope

Dadi Janki says that in order to face the intense challenges of the world today, time is calling for all souls to reclaim feelings of love and peace.

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