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Empowering women

Four Faces of Woman

Have you ever asked the questions, "Who am I really?" and "What does it all mean?"

The Four Faces of Woman is a model designed to uncover the riches of our past and reveal practical, ancient, spiritual keys to build a future that holds a deeper and meaningful happiness.

You will find tools and simple, yet profound, insights that enable you to be your truest, most loving and powerful self.

Eternal Face

Where we begin and where we're heading. It carries the truth of our innate innocence and authentic power. It is our essential being… it is essence.

Traditional Face

The Traditional Face tries to contain essence, to protect it. It sets up rules, boundaries, which it endeavours to secure. As our world shrinks, we shrink; labels and roles become the new identity.

Modern Face

The Modern Face fights the boundaries, seeking freedom. It is the face of reaction, its core energy being discontentment born of the seed of tradition. And from the seed grows the fruit. And from the fruit comes the seed… no escape.

Shakti Face

The Face of the Shakti (‘woman of power') holds the secret key that unlocks the door to authenticity, beauty and power – to freedom. It sees the limitations of tradition but has the capacity to take responsibility and reclaim power, resurrecting the essence.

Read The Four Faces of Woman book to discover more about yourself. ISBN: 978-1-84694-086-6 | www.inspiredstillness.com.

Women's empowerment programmes - a snapshot from around the world

Chile and USA

My Courage, Your Courage

Created by women for women as an opportunity to

  • experience courage that is alive, visible, active and steady,
  • evoke the courage to see the best in every situation and every person,
  • explore your own courage.

My Courage, Your Courage conversations can transform your inner experience and increase your capacity to be authentic, compassionate and brave.

Taking a High Jump

A retreat for women offered at Peace Village Retreat Center, New York State, USA

Costa Rica

Holistic Balance and Self Care

A workshop designed to empower self-care and holistic well-being has been especially developed for professionals who work with victims of domestic violence, in healthcare, in primary schools as teachers and in the judiciary.

Participants are given the opportunity to understand the necessity for balance in life, in order to maintain enthusiasm and energy - particularly when facing difficult situations. The workshop embraces the importance of creating time for the self, in order to be best equipped to serve others.


A Treasure Deep in the Soul

An opportunity for women to come together and explore our deeper qualities of peace, love, wisdom, joy and purity.

Spirituality in day-to-day Life: Woman in the World of Fast Change

An event dedicated to any woman concerned about making the world a better place. Empower a woman and you empower the whole family.

South Africa

Retreats for healing and reconciliation

For more than 15 years, annual retreats have offered women from various communities, cultures and faiths the opportunity to come together and reflect, have meaningful dialogue, experience meditation and be nurtured in a safe and warm atmosphere.

When the retreats started, it was the first time for many to interact as equals across racial lines, allowing a deeper healing to take place. Participants have included members of Parliament, social entrepreneurs, professionals, carers and housewives.

South African Women in Dialogue (SAWID)

Brahma Kumaris participate in SAWID, an annual national initiative established by former First Lady, Mrs Zanele Mbeki. SAWID focuses on empowerment of women and the eradication of poverty, and engages with women from both rural and urban regions. 

Monthly workshops on wellness

Brahma Kumaris centres host monthly workshops for women exploring different facets of wellness, as well as programmes for women in the villages of KwaZulu-Natal, promoting values, meditation and nutrition.

Trinidad and Tobago

Development of Women – Community Service Award

In 2014, Sister Hemlata Sanghi, Director of BK Raja Yoga Centres in Trinidad and Tobago, received National Gold Award - Medal for the Development of Women for community service. His Excellency the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago gave the award on the occasion of the 52nd Anniversary of Independence.


Three Secrets of Beauty

A dialogue in Donetsk for mothers, leaders and administrators on maintaining good relationships, expressing our inner qualities and a well-balanced, vegetarian diet.


Brahma Kumaris Youth at the UN Commission on the Status of Women

Young women from India, Mexico, South Africa, UK and USA participated in the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at UN Headquarters in 2007, brought together by the Brahma Kumaris office for the UN. These young women were then inspired to develop a workshop to offer to other women with the theme: Exploring Our Inner Resources - promoting gender equality and empowering women and young girls.


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Empowering Women

The Brahma Kumaris vision of equality for women is about restoring dignity and self-respect , and creating an atmosphere where women feel safe.

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