Become altruistic

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  My wish for each of you is that you learn to become altruistic – to serve at such an elevated level that you have total faith in God and in the drama of life with no concerns for the self.  There is a secret to being able to do this.  If I remember anything from the past or anything about anyone else, this affects the quality of my awareness.  This doesn’t allow my present condition to be good.

Memories of the past are deeply imprinted on the soul and have prevented us from serving at the highest level.  You have asked me what to do about these memories.  These things can be erased in a silent connection with the Supreme.  It is like erasing a blackboard.  We learn to remove things of the past and to rerecord more elevated thoughts and feelings in silence.  We get the power to become altruistic and our desires finish.  Let me pay so much attention to the quality of my awareness that I become free from things of the past and of other people forever.


Dadi Janki


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Dadi Janki reveals how God is inspiring her to become an angel.

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