Accumulate inner strength.
Dear friends:

With the power of yoga/remembrance we should accumulate inner strength.  With a pure and benevolent attitude create such an atmosphere in which other souls have a feeling of belonging.  

The atmosphere is created according to the attitude we hold and the words we speak.   Words have depth when the head and heart are aligned to a higher purpose.  It should not be that the head understands, but the heart is distant or closed.  Understanding should become clearer and clearer, so that the clarity touches and opens the heart.  When clarity of understanding touches the heart, everything that is false is finished and the heart remains clean and clear.  This can happen, practically, now through our spiritual efforts.  

With clear understanding, one realizes what reality is.  This realization gives rise to royalty, and honor is upheld.  Upholding honor is to be set on the seat of self-respect.  If one is not set on the seat, who will listen to them?  There are three seats for the soul to sit on -- the seat of the forehead, the seat of the heart, and the seat of being a master.  All 3 seats are open and vacant.  Just take any one you want!

With love

BK Janki

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Words for the World - Silence

Spiritual teacher Dadi Janki reveals how going into deep silence brings about the experience of true peace and happiness.

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