Pay attention to yourself

Dear Friends,

Om shanti. This is the time for us to bring virtues into our lives.  To bring virtues into one’s life requires power. One who is weak will not be able to bring virtue into their life. One who is weak will look at the weaknesses of others. Whilst looking at the weaknesses of others, those weaknesses come into themselves and become an infection. They become infected with weakness. 

So, become merciful to your own self. Stop all types of dislike and jealousy. Do not allow yourself to keep these weaknesses within you. Keep attention on yourself and you will feel it is easy to free yourself of such weaknesses. Pay attention to yourself and you will feel that you are accumulating attainments in the form of virtues such as cleanliness, honesty and happiness. 

If you allow your intellect to go into other things, then you will feel that you are moving into loss. When you pay attention to yourself in this way, you will feel that your heart is clean. First is cleanliness and then is honesty. When a soul is clean within and without, God is pleased with that one. If your heart is clean and clear, then you will feel that you don’t have to make much effort; everything will seem easy and natural.

With Love,

Dadi Janki


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