Happiness is food
Dear Friends,

Intoxication, happiness and strength -- these are the three things that
are necessary in life. Intoxication increases happiness and brings a lot
of spiritual strength. Have one glass of spiritual knowledge daily and
you will be nurtured with the power of truth. The nectar of knowledge
sits inside the soul and raises the level of spiritual intoxication.
This type of intoxication makes you experience your true divinity. It is
happiness in this life that will make you run forward and you won’t feel
tired.  The temporary intoxication of beauty, wealth and position – this
type of ego creates a lot of harm.

The more happiness you are going to attain in the future, the more
happiness you will have now. This is the time to make easy effort. Don’t
think you will take everything from God in the future. No, I have to
take it now. Take it now and you will remain happy. Happiness is food.
Happiness is complete nourishment. Take everything that is available and
remain full. We are actually living in God’s Treasure Store; so keep
your heart clean and take as much as you want.

With love

BK Janki

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