None of us is alone

Dear friends,

Om Shanti.  We are all friends are we not? All of you are Dadi’s friends. And God is also our Mother, Father, Teacher and also our Friend. Dadi used to wonder, how will I meet God in the form of a friend? One of the other Dadis taught me how to do this. When I keep God as my Companion, then His company colours me. None of us is alone.  We all have God’s company. And when I keep God as my Friend, then I can be a friend to others. 

Make your inner stage such that when people come in front of you, you can give them good feelings and the strength to face the situations that come in their lives. You can do this if you learn to see everyone’s specialities.  Don’t see their weaknesses; see what is special in each one, and make them your friend.  There is no friendship like spiritual friendship.

With love,

BK Janki


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Words for the World - Detachment

Dadi Janki shows how to be free from attachment and desires.

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