Kindness is essential to our humanity
Dear Friend,

Om shanti. My experience with most of my friends around the world is that you do have a kind nature. The notion of kindness is living in the word “man-kind.” Kindness is essential to our humanity. In a practical way we experience this kindness as cooperating with everyone with whom we work. For good people, we are duty-bound to have a kind nature.

But there is something else that is beyond duty, and that is compassion.
Compassion goes deeper and comes from our ability to be selfless. The measure of compassion is in our ability to give peace and happiness to others. God is compassionate and He has shown me how to be like Him. God allows us to achieve the impossible, making all things possible through the art of compassionate living.

With love,

BK Janki

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Dadi Janki reveals how she is a practical example of all that she has studied.

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