This is the time to pay attention to yourself
Dear Friend,

Om shanti. Think these are the final moments of this era. This is a
unique time when you can attain virtues and spiritual power. I request
of you: Do not waste your time. Put a full stop to whatever has happened
in the past.Do not allow your mind to spin on things of the past. Learn
to sit quietly and experience 'Om Shanti' very deeply.

To think that someone else should change is a big mistake. Remember what
you are actually here for. Remind yourself: “I am here to change, to
become the best I can possibly be.” Leave whatever is not accurate in
yourself, and don't look at whatever is inaccurate in others.

This is the time to pay attention to yourself - to remain cheerful, to
remain in spiritual intoxication and to speak with great sweetness.
Remember that everything you think, speak, and do will spread into the
atmosphere and further into the whole world. Live in such a way that you
benefit the world.

with love

BK Janki

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