Allow the past to be the past in a second

Dear Friends,

Om shanti, and special greetings from London.  When some of you come to talk with me, you share your concern about something that has happened.  I do not want you to spend your time in this way.  Allow the past to be the past in a second. Trust that whatever is happening is good, and whatever will happen is good. There’s no need to have the same thought twice. Don’t spend time asking, “How will it happen?” Let it happen, and trust that everything will be fine.

With everyone’s co-operation everything that needs to happen is happening. Miracles happen through co-operation. Be detached from the scenes of drama and remain loving, and you will be loved very much. Do you become detached and then loved by God? Or is it the other way round – that experiencing God’s love allows you to become detached? Become detached in a second. Every scene of drama is unique. Nothing will happen by your thinking about it.

With love,

BK Janki


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