Charitable action

Dear friends,

Om shanti. Each of you is playing your own part.  When we watch others, we come to understand the part they are playing.  We may want to tell others how to change, but others won’t change because of what we say. They will change because of what they experience in our presence.  This is what it means to commit charitable action.  If I say, “I won’t change until this one changes the way they act,” there is no charity in my action.

In all of my life I haven’t taken sorrow or given sorrow to another. Even if someone tries to give me sorrow, I do not take that sorrow.  I only take what God gives me.  To the degree that we have love and regard for others, they will draw this from us.  See everyone’s virtues.  See what is special in each one.  This is charitable action. Bring these things practically into your life and real transformation can happen.

With love,

BK Janki


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