Our vibrations can travel thousands of miles away
Dear friend,

Now is the time when we must develop the highest level of self respect – so high that no one can affect us.  Someone may throw a stone, but we must give them a jewel in return.

This week someone asked me, “if someone has a very abusive way of behaving, is there a time when we say, ‘This behavior has to transform,’ or do we just continue to use loving vision?

By this point in my life, I have learned all the methods.  This is how I have survived until now and am able to show my face to you.  God should see my face and be able to love me.  Nobody else’s face should be visible on my face.  No one else’s *sanskars should be visible in me.  In many people’s minds other people’s faces are roaming around inside them.  God shows us His own face.  I want my face to look like God’s face – filled with love and with unshakable peace.

Our **drishti must be detached and loving.  I must not remember anything from my past, even if someone has made a very big mistake.  Some say, it’s easy to forgive, but difficult to forget.  But our personality must be so high that we forgive and forget completely, so that even the one who made the mistake does not remember.  Our vibrations can travel thousands of miles away.

With love,

BK Janki

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