The future is in our hands, because the present is in our hands

Dear Friends,

Om shanti. We are living together in a very auspicious time --- a time in which we can create our fortune for the future. Our time is valuable. It is the time to say past is past and learn to make the future very good through the present. The future is in our hands, because the present is in our hands. It is our elevated actions that make our present and our future very good.

Each second is important. Each second contains thoughts that are seeds for words and actions. Learn to see your subtle thoughts and notice if there is even a trace of waste. High quality thoughts allow you to perform elevated actions and claim a most fortunate future.

With love,

Dadi Janki

#21 2014-11-05 14:15 - S.JYOTHI RAMA SUBBU
#20 2011-06-26 18:28 - K.V.NAIDU

Goddess Janaki Dadiji, Om Shanti, Thanks for your spiritual seeding for the entire world and the wonderful thoughts to everyone. Once i reached Mount Abu (Madhuban, BK headquarters) I certainly felt that my life is going in a perfect direction. I could transmit positive thoughts and vibrations both in family and workplace. Now i am sure that i strongly believe that with this spiritual knowledge human beings future is going to be a wonderful & peaceful, it shows light to the entire humanity. 

#19 2011-05-29 19:15 - Moderator

Kamlesh: Om shanti. Regarding meals there are a number of things we do to remove negative vibrations. In selecting the food that is to be cooked, we select vegetarian recipes. We all know that washing the vegetables and grains before cooking is important. Then as we prepare the meal, we cook with love in the remembrance of God. Once the food is ready to eat we take a few minutes to offer the food to God, fill it with God's power and then enjoy.

#18 2011-05-29 18:50 - Moderator

Amit: if you go to and click on the 'Inspiration' tab, you will be able to sign up to receive messages.

#17 2011-05-29 16:18 - harilal raghwani
i like to hear the true facts of life when i watch the program on tv
#16 2011-05-29 13:42 - B.K.Anil ,chandigarh

Thanks dadiji for this energy booster message. Your words thoughts and actions invigorate our morale and we are imbued with new striking energy.

#15 2011-05-28 17:19 - Rakesh singla

I am really inspired by BK programe. I have been watching TV evryday for the last eight months. Last week I saw Dadi Janki in Manchester for the first time in my life.  Since then any questions come to my mind in my daily routine, are answerd in the TV programe. Its amaging WOW....Thanks Dadi G. What can i say.

#14 2011-05-28 07:05 - debobrata chakraborty
dadi you give a new hope for make our future peace & beautifull
#13 2011-05-27 12:19 - senthil kumar

Respected Dadiji, Thanks for seeding these wonderful thoughts to everyone. Once i plugged into the Brahma Kumaris, I certainly felt that my life is going in a perfect direction. I could transmit positive thoughts and vibrations both in family and workplace. Now i strongly believe that my future is mine and God (Shivbaba) is showing me a wonderful, peaceful future.

#12 2011-05-26 12:17 - kamlesh Rathod

Dadiji Om shanti. I want to know what we should do before taking meal. I mean how do we purify the food so that any negative vibration that exists in the food can be removed.

#11 2011-05-26 09:35 - B K Nirupama

Thanks Dadi...current moment ...the "Present" is indeed an assest to be invested and this investment never depreciates. I completed my 2 years (of study with the Brahma Kumaris) today on 26th May and have experienced so many changes in and around me.

#10 2011-05-24 12:46 - Moderator

Rameshbabu:  Often when we fist try somthing, especially meditation, is is difficult for us to focus as our habit is to be distracted by the world, or our own thoghts.  It is necessary to cultivate this practice by paying attention without tension and the depth of our experience will increase.  So we need determination, patience and practice.  Perhpas you would like to take up this practice of Raj Yoga once again with renewed energy and focus and see the results.

#9 2011-05-24 12:37 - Moderator

kuldeep:  It is good that you have implemented and seen the result of these messages.  If you want to find out more about the Brahma Kumaris we would suggest you go to a center near you, which you can find on this website if you are outside India, or if in India go to

#8 2011-05-24 09:56 - Mansi

Thanks Dadi... your words are so empowering and filled with enthusiasm... You are a jewel.

#7 2011-05-23 17:18 - kiran
thank you dadi
#6 2011-05-23 16:23 - Marie Martin
I am always touched by your spiritual wisdom and insight.Blessings!
#5 2011-05-23 09:53 - Amit
Kindly tell me can I get any daily message or some reading stuff on my mail ID
#4 2011-05-23 07:57 - Piyush:)
Om Shanti. Thinking of past is waste of time.

Future and past is depends on Present. How to use the Present time is in our hand. So, it means Future is in our hand.

So, why to waste the time on thinking of past or future. Just utilize the present time in making the thoughts and action pure.
#3 2011-05-23 03:48 - Rameshbabu
I really love BK and been touch with this organization for 2 years, but I didn't get any spritual I din't continue with bramma kumaris...but I really feel very bad to discontinue from bramma kumaris..pls help me to realize who I am and connection to baba....pls help this poor soul
#2 2011-05-21 18:53 - kuldeep mishra

I am very inspired with the message that dadi has given. I have implemented dadi's thoughts now i feel that my life is changing and now i just want to join brahmkumari please suggest me the way to stay connected to brahmkumari.

#1 2011-05-21 18:16 - Saroj Kumar Das

Respected Dadiji, Thanks for such wonderful ideas. In this confluence age we need your inspiration and guidance to move forward, because we are all walking at the edge of sword, it is all your true guidance that shows light to entire humanity.

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