Every human being wants love, peace and happiness
Dear Friend,

Looking at the world outside, there is a lot of tension and people don’t have the power to perform right action. All human beings have one thing in common – their feelings. The colour of skin may be different but the blood is the same. The tears are the same. Someone may be old or young but the experience of sorrow is clearly visible on their faces. Every human being wants love, peace and happiness. In peace there is happiness and the result is love. One needs to have peace inside first – if this is missing then the intellect wanders. There is no security or support experienced. Without security one feels weak. In relationships, we need honesty. From honesty we can have faith.

Now is the time to go inside. Don’t look outside, open the eyes inside and my understanding tells me that love, peace and happiness are all inside. But in order to access theses qualities, one needs understanding, i.e. self realization. Who am I? I am not this body, but a spiritual being. I have taken peacelessness, tension and sorrow from the outside and stored it inside I have to remove it now. I need the power to clean the mind. It should become so clean that I am able to experience constant peace. If I am not affected by sorrow or peacelessness, then I am easily able to go into silence. If you go into the depths of silence, you will experience treasures that you hadn’t realized were there and as a result your life will be enriched.

with love,
BK Janki

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Dadi Janki explains how conquering attachment brings strength and power to one’s life.

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