Constant happiness is not imagination
This is the time when God comes and gives us the power to become elevated.  Now that we have the opportunity to receive power from Him, we have to take it.  It is not that we will automatically become elevated by ourselves; no.  How will we become like that?  God's elevated direction is "remember Me and remain pure."  Keep this simple understanding clearly in the intellect and let it guide us in the pursuit of constant happiness.

You do not think that all of this is just imagination, do you?  Why should you think that constant happiness is imagination?  You see the world of sorrow, don't you.  This is not imagination.  It is practical.
So, surely, happiness must also be practical.  Happiness is not constant now, but it should become that.  It is not that this is always a world of sorrow.  There is both happiness and sorrow in this world.  However, there is a time period when there is constant happiness.  The happiness in which we are always happy is a completely different experience.  So why do people think that constant happiness is imagination?  Perhaps because it does not exist now.  However, you do understand with your reasoning and with the power of wisdom that, since there is a time of sorrow, there must also surely be a time of happiness.

Some people say that we must consider there to be happiness in whatever happens.  That it doesn't matter whether you have any disease, if there is untimely death, if any adverse situation arises -- just consider yourself to be happy.  That is happiness of your imagination!  That cannot be said to be practical.  Just as sorrow is experienced in a practical way, in the same way, happiness should also be experienced in a practical way.

The foundation of having happiness in a practical way is being laid at this time.  For this we have to make our actions elevated because this world is a field of actions, the land of actions.  Whatever you sow in it, you will receive the fruit of that.  This is a universal law.  The Father says:  'Even I cannot break this law."  This law applies to everything that has to continue.  It is an absolute law and cannot be controlled by anyone's power.  The Father says:  "remember Me and let your actions be good and pure for by doing this you will receive your right to happiness."  Now do everything with enlightened understanding.
Use your spiritual sense and do everything well.  Everything is either spoiled or reformed through your actions.

We need to understand what to make ourselves into through our actions, and how to do that.  God is giving us that understanding now; so we have to move along according to that.  We have to understand these things and let our efforts be accordingly.

It is such a simple and easy matter!

BK Janki

#5 2010-09-02 03:42 - Gokilavani
Faith is the ultimate value to be close to God.
#4 2010-07-04 18:42 - Moderator
Misha:  A pure and good action is when we do something with love.  Love that comes from a pure place inside where we only want to give; to bring benefit to another and not to get anything in return -- So we give without expectation, just because we love.  If we do something 'good' with a desire to get something from another, then the return of that action will inevitably be mixed with sorrow because our expectation was not returned - we did not get what we wanted. We gave in order to get (even subtly) and we did not get, and so the result is a feeling of sorrow.  God had nothing to do with it, it was our action, and we revived the return of that action.

God doesn't make a decision to give us happiness and sorrow, God is our Father and He only wants happiness for His children - He teaches us how to do elevated actions so that we can receive happiness.  The decision is ours, as to what sort of action we do, and the result (happiness or sorrow) depends on that decision/action.  We may lack the power to do elevated, pure, actions and this is why we remember God and take the opportunity to receive power from God to do as he guides -- but the choice is ours.  

#3 2010-07-01 07:17 - Misha
There are sometimes when i feel so sad because i did all things good to everyone but i never get the same reaction from other side. i know if i have to remain happy always i should not expect from others...but still sometimes i expect and then always feel sad. i respect god decision for everything but why does god show a very good dreams and then suddenly break it down?
#2 2010-06-30 03:19 - rajiv monga
the message by dadi janki ji is as good as the directions of the god himself ......i personally feel as if the god sits inside dadi ji and speak ..........
#1 2010-06-28 13:00 - latha
When you keep on trying to elevate others through your goodwishes and action it will go on adding into your karmic account. Though not for want of happiness you should work, but with pure mind and as an agent of God, keeping him in front of you, when you work for empowerment of others, no doubt god will be there supporting your cause. He himself will work for you. The world will be elevated and you will experience spiritual bliss and happiness. Faith in god, good wishes to others and empowerment of the week souls all these 3 combined together will work in a miraculous manner and bring wonders.
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