Experience God's love
Dear Friend,

Om Shanti.  What I want most for you is that you can experience God’s love.  For this you must have a true heart, without blockages, bondages, or burdens of any kind.

We develop a blockage when something happens or someone says something that upsets us. With a blockage, we cannot rest.  To remove the blockage, say, “My Father” with love.  Then your heart will become clear and the blockage will disappear.

We develop a bondage, when we become dependent and allow others to push and pull us.  Now is not the time to become dependent on anyone.

And we can find ourselves feeling tired and worried from the burdens in our lives.  This feeling makes our heads heavy.  It makes us fall asleep when we are trying to have yoga.  It prevents us from concentrating in meditation.  To finish burdens, practice becoming bodiless and see how your head becomes light.

Clear the blockages, leave the bondages, and release the burdens in your life and you will experience God’s love for you.
With love,

BK Janki

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