Make your life beautiful

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  Now is the time to make your life beautiful.  The way to do this is with spiritual love. Godly love gives great strength. It makes one free from animosity. Everyone needs love. Animals also need love.

Let me not do anything that would cause me to regret any of my actions. God is my friend. Everyone is my friend.  With this awareness, my life becomes such an elevated life. And developing this awareness does not take time.  It can happen in an instant. It is a wonder.

When I keep my thoughts truthful and honest then patience and sweetness emerge internally. There is then lightness because the soul has become successful in its efforts. To reach this stage, let your effort be consistent. Don’t waste time in anything wasteful, you will be happy with yourself. God will also be happy with you.

The love and truth in your heart reaches out to others.  Those vibrations reach thousands of miles. People can make themselves and their lives beautiful just by catching those vibrations. In those vibrations there are feelings of being safe, being connected, and of being loved.

With love,

BK Janki


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Words for the World - Pure Feelings

Dadi Janki explains how to create pure feelings through the practice of silence.

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