Recognise what needs to be left behind.

Dear Friends,

Om shanti. 

There are two powers that are very important on a spiritual journey: 

The power to pack up and the power to merge.  

It is usually possible to say something essencefully, but many have the habit of going into expansion and unnecessary detail when they talk about something. An issue may be very small, but some choose to make it big. Rather than making something big into something small, they make small things big.  One who is preparing for a journey packs up everything. They definitely can’t carry everything with them and so they have to recognise what they need to leave behind. On this spiritual journey, the first thing we recognise that needs packing up is our past actions.

Whilst on a journey, one needs to focus one’s attention on the guide. On this spiritual journey the guide is God. He is guiding us at every step. Therefore, the focus of my attention should be on Him. We don’t have to worry about anything; everything is already fixed. I need to pack up everything – even that which happened five minutes ago – and to keep accumulating.  I have to pay attention to the quality of my thoughts and my time…and to my very breath.  So, ask yourself: what quality are my thoughts? Let the quality of my thoughts continue to improve.

With love,

BK Janki


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