Quality of interactions

Dear friends,

Om shanti. There are two words that sound similar in Hindi, and they capture something important about the way we provide spiritual support for each other, even when we are separated by long distances.  One is “bhavna,” and the other is “bhasna”.  

“Bhavna” is a loving feeling that infuses my every thought, word and action: I speak to you with bhavna; I cook with bhavna; I listen to you with bhavna.  When my interactions with you have this quality, then you have the experience of having received something.  This experience is “bhasna”.  

Wherever you are, you can engage with everyone with bhavna and they will have the experience of bhasna.  Now more than ever before, people are searching for spirituality. The essence of spirituality is having this nature to be loving with everyone and to give them an experience of having received something valuable from you.

With love,

BK Janki


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Dadi Janki explains how to create pure feelings through the practice of silence.

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