Still and Stable

Dear friends,

Om shanti. If you have a scary situation in front of you, do not let it frighten you.  Always maintain a vision of love no matter what happens. 

When we forgive, we are committing an act of charity. When the mind is engaged in having pure thoughts, everything will be good.

There is a huge benefit that comes from meditation.  We meditate with our eyes open, but we are not distracted.  When I am unshakable and immovable inside and I sit here looking at you, the vibrations come to you. I don’t allow my mind to play mischief or to fluctuate.  This can only happen when the heart is clean, when my heart doesn’t harbor any mistakes or negative tendencies from me or from anyone else.  It’s important to remain still & stable inside instead of raising questions of “who and how?”  Tell your mind to have patience, and keep your heart clean and strong, whether you are alone or with others.  Then whatever you wish for becomes a reality.

With love,

BK Janki

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Words for the World - Pure Feelings

Dadi Janki explains how to create pure feelings through the practice of silence.

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