Move through barriers

Dear friend,

Om shanti.  

Barriers are things that stop you in your spiritual
progress.  Sometimes you experience something to be a barrier, but it is
only an opportunity to check your self progress.    Don’t see checking
points on your spiritual path as barriers.  See them like the security
points at airports.  Invoke your power to move through barriers.

Have a clean heart, and have courage.  When there’s courage, you receive
strength and power from above.  You will see how you receive help from
the Divine.  Trust that He will take care of you.  It’s our vibrations
that enable everything to be okay.  Have deep purity and love -- no
selfishness. So when you encounter something that seems like a barrier,
invoke your qualities of truth, zeal and enthusiasm. These qualities
will help you fly.

With love,

BK Janki


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