Faith helps us to be carefree

Dear friends,

Om shanti. Have the faith, “I am a soul. My father is the Supreme Soul. He is the Father of everyone.” Faith helps us to be carefree. Another aspect of faith is to have faith in “the drama of life”. I never worry how something will happen. Whatever service comes in front of me, I simply do that. This is what it means to be accurate in your spiritual life.

We should be such that the world looks at us and sees what we have become from what we were. Dadi has good feelings for all of you. This is the time of the Confluence Age, the time of transition to a new and beautiful age. What should we do now? . We all know what we should be doing now. There is an atmosphere of negativity in the world, but we must remain detached from that. Whilst living here we should be detached from this body and from this world. Continue to ask yourself the question, “Who am I? And who is mine?” When we remain in this spiritual awareness, we are able to go beyond body consciousness and serve the world.

With love, 

BK Janki


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Dadi Janki shows that desires take us away from being carefree and independent

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