In this world of darkness, there needs to be light.
Dear friend,

Om shanti.  All of you are my brothers and sisters. It is time for all of us to come together and work on God’s plan to change the world.
God’s plan is that we realize that in this world of darkness, there needs to be light.

Souls all over the world are experiencing sorrow and peacelessness.
Whatever we’ve done in the past is the past. From today, let’s all stop giving sorrow to each other and taking sorrow from each other.

Understand what is right and what is wrong, and don’t perform any wrong actions.
Make a commitment that you won't do five things:
1.    Don't give or take sorrow.
2.    Don’t lie. The ones who speak the truth are God’s real children.
3.    Never steal.
4.    Never deceive anyone.
5.    Don’t criticize others.

We can work together to help bring God’s plan into this world. Each one is a child of God who needs truth and love. Keep this thought inside:
God, you are the Truth. You are Love. God is very sweet and merciful.
He will give you love, peace and power. Turn your mind into a temple where there is love, peace and power.  As we come together to do this, we will bring the light of a new Golden Age here on Earth.

With love,
BK Janki

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