The ONE initiative

Dear Friends,

The Brahma Kumaris understand this to be a time for personal and world transformation. We believe this happens as each one remembers the ONE above, the parent of all souls. To support this transformation at this powerful time, we have created what we are calling The ONE initiative.

This is a wonderful initiative that has the potential to wake up the world. When each one of us makes a commitment to keep the company of only ONE from now until September 21, this collective commitment will create a wave of powerful vibrations across the world. Such a wave will serve, not only the Brahma Kumaris’ family, but all souls of the world.

There is a deep connection between the mind, the intellect and the heart. When the intellect is free from all attractions and connected to ONE alone, and the mind is filled with thoughts of only ONE, then only ONE will sit in our heart. When enough souls have the same thought and radiate the same vibration, then the ONE Source will be revealed. The vibrations of these pure deep feelings (bhavna) will reach every soul and bring them great happiness. This is the only desire in my heart, that all Baba’s (God’s) children become complete so that Baba (God) is visible from each one’s face.

The world is waiting for us. We are the hands on the clock of world transformation. This week of September 15 – 21 will be focused on a global wave of ‘Being with ONE’. According to the time and according to signals from the ONE, let us all participate fully in this initiative so that we can restore our world to its original state of peace and happiness.

For a short video clip explaining the initiative and how you can participate: 

also the website:


In remembrance of The ONE,

BK Dadi Janki


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