Bring happiness into your life

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  It is very important to understand the answers to these questions: Who do I belong to? Who belongs to me?  And what is it that I have to do?  First ask, Who am I? Go deep inside the self and also look above. This experience of going deep within feels very good.  Most people aren’t even aware of the quality of their lives and that it’s possible to have a higher quality of life. Life unfolds a day at a time, but for most it is not very happy. It’s superficial, without inner happiness.

Inner happiness is not going to come from the outside in. There might be a temporary happiness that comes to me from the outside, but along with that there will also be the experience of sorrow.  Look at your whole timetable throughout the day, and ask yourself, “How much happiness did I have today, and how much sorrow did I have today?” Then, create the positive thoughts that will bring happiness into your life.

With love,
BK  Janki


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