Let your life be a blessing to the world
Dear Friends,

Om shanti and greetings of love and peace.  This is an auspicious age, an age when we have the special opportunity to change ourselves and to elevate the world.

Sit in silence, and look deep within.  Silence is the language of the soul.  In silence I come to see, to know, and to recognize who I am.  In silence I can connect with God and steady my intellect.  My mind too becomes still and my heart becomes full with His company, free from distractions and attractions.  This practice increases my value.

A thought is a seed and it creates our attitude.   Our attitude creates the atmosphere around us, filling it with a certain quality of vibrations.  A pure and positive thought has the power to elevate our attitude, purifying the atmosphere and creating  vibrations of the highest quality.  This is a kind of service.

A soul whose attitude is pure and elevated sees only the good qualities of a person; they never absorb or see the defects of anyone, and they never repeat anything negative about anyone else.

Let the your attitude be pure and elevated and let the past be the past. Do not let thoughts or worries about the past sully your attitude.  Neither repeat the things of the morning verbally, nor in your mind.  When good things happen, value them; when bad things happen,  don’t discuss them.  Let your life be a blessing to the world.

With love,

BK Janki

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Dadi Janki advises not to weave stories of sorrow, but share stories of happiness.

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