Take this one blessing from God: I will not take sorrow from anyone
Dear friend,

Some have called the world at this time the Land of Sorrow. There are many situations and people that cause sorrow. God has many titles. Two that are helpful at this time are “the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Peace.”

Make a commitment, “I should never experience any kind of sorrow.” Many people and situations give sorrow, but I should not take sorrow. Some weak souls say that they don’t give sorrow, but they take sorrow. If you keep sorrow inside you will become sick, or you will become scared, and you won’t know what to say. Take this one blessing from God: I will not take sorrow from anyone.

There could be many causes for taking sorrow, but a mature child of God will say: “it’s okay, my karmic accounts are being cleared at this time, but I will not give sorrow in return or even think about it.” To think about it brings sorrow. Even if someone gives sorrow ten times over, you should not accumulate it. If there is an accumulation of sorrow, you will not be able to remember God. Consider the Father to be yours and you will not experience sorrow. Then you will be able to take virtues and power from God and give to others.

With love,
Dadi Janki

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