The essential things in life

Dear friends,

Om Shanti. Leave the awareness of “I and mine”. “This is mine and this is yours” – leave this now. When I am close to God, I receive whatever I need. I simply have to be happy and truthful. Learn to be happy. Live now in this present moment. Forget everything about the past.
We have to be very truthful with everyone including ourselves. Truthfulness, cleanliness and simplicity. These are essential in life. We shouldn’t speak that which is even slightly untrue. When you speak, Don’t mix truth and untruth. Train your mind very well. Don’t have the habit of sometimes letting go of your mind. Train it with care. Keep your mind with God.

With love,
BK Janki


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Words for the World - Ego

Dadi Janki explains how conquering attachment brings strength and power to one’s life.

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