It is our vision that makes us see virtues or negative traits in others

Dear Friend,

Om shanti.  What we see in the world, is not so much about the world as it is about our own level of consciousness.  It is our vision that makes us see virtues or negative traits in others.  One way to understand this is that there are three levels of awareness – degraded, mixed, and elevated.

To have a tamoguni level of consciousness is to be in a state of being impure or degraded.  Those with this consciousness are very negative.  They think and do bad things. They waste time.  They rarely have the time to hear about good things or to check their own level of awareness.

To have a rajoguni level of consciousness is to fluctuate between what is negative and what is positive:  sometimes such souls are pleased with themselves and sometimes they criticize themselves.

To have a satoguni level of consciousness is to have purity in the attitude, and to have a positive vision for the self and others.  A satoguni soul sees the virtues in others and imbibes virtues in themselves.  As we become more virtuous, our negativity disappears.

If you want to become virtuous, God will make you like that.

Dadi Janki


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