What have I learned?

Dear friends,

Om shanti.  You very special souls should feel that God is my companion, and with God’s company I can experience myself to be an observer of the drama of life.  I see my own part, and I see the parts others are playing.  I actually become a “customer” of their virtues, admiring their virtues and absorbing those virtues.  Each day ask yourself, “What have I learned?”  There is always learning.

My pure wish is that each of you experiences the presence of God, and that you move along in His elevated company.

With love,

BK Janki

#2 2016-06-09 04:00 - manju
I have learnt how to face situations with peace , love and happiness.I feel presence of god with me.I am so lucky god has choosen me for his service.
#1 2016-06-08 05:44 - Preeti Singh
Thank You Dadi... lots of love :)
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Words for the World - Silence

Spiritual teacher Dadi Janki reveals how going into deep silence brings about the experience of true peace and happiness.

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