Pure thoughts and good wishes.
Dear friend,

This is a time when it is possible to transform the self. If you have
the thought of transformation, God will make your thought take practical
shape.   In English we say ‘past is past’, and in Hindi ‘don’t touch the
things of the past’.  This means not just to let the past be the past,
but to let it be completely erased, so all trace of it has gone.  How
can this happen?  Through having pure thoughts and good wishes.  This is
the mantra through which transformation can happen.

It’s practical.  Whatever has happened in terms of the self is cleaned
out with pure thoughts and you say ‘thank you, God. You’ve made me
worthy to sit with You.’  What should I do in terms of others?  By
having pure thoughts and good wishes for others, your nature will be
filled with that and you’ll become a well-wisher.  Let your nature be
like this, and let the good wishes for others do their work. Then you
will experience transformation in yourself and you will be an agent of
transformation for others.

With love,

BK Janki

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Dadi Janki explains how the practice of remaining courageous and fearless inside brings strength in difficult situations.

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