Simplicity brings freedom

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  Sometimes you ask me, “where do you get your energy from?”  I’ve made a few principles in my life firm, and these have helped me to conserve my energy.  I never waste money, time, or energy.  Living in alignment with these principles brings happiness.

What I want for you is that you bring about transformation in your own life, such that your own life is a sample for others, and then you will see the world transform.  When you are simple, you can be free.

With love,
BK Janki

#16 2012-10-16 14:17 - SUBAHA KUMARI

i usually watch brahma kumaries show on tv....n feel so good....its like baba know in what situation i am in and gave directions by that to deal ith particular situation....

#15 2012-08-21 11:08 - Moderator

Kishore:  You do not need to leave your family to be a bk student.  Most Bk's live with their families and work in the world.  The aim of a bk life is to transform the self into a peaceful and loving person, to have a direct and loving relationship with God and through this contribute to transforming the world. A world, we would all like to have; of peace, harmony, happiness and prosperity.  We can do this by daily practice and bringing the qualities that we emerge through this practice into our daily life; in our work, with our family, friends and connections.  We need to fulfil our responsibilites in a loving, caring way without attachment.

#14 2012-08-03 13:54 - Shital

Corporeal world has manifested itself in Duality. If it was'nt so, Consciousness would'nt flow. Creation of suffering witnessing this Duality is the FEE we pay throughout our many lives towards this facility. We have the choice to be unaware of this phenomenon and Suffer OR be aware of it every moment and enjoy the dividend of PEACE, LOVE and HAPPINESS !...Please reflect on this.

#13 2012-08-02 18:20 - Saroj Kumar Das

OM Shanti Dadiji, Yes you are absolutely right. One should and must conserve his energy, best utility of time, and adequate use of money makes us tranquil and happy as you are. Very nice and needy message.

#12 2012-08-02 16:34 - kishore
do we have to leave the family alone, if i want to be a student of "bkwsu".
#11 2012-08-02 06:40 - J. Mohana

i am very much enjoy Bhrama Kumaris class 3 months become. I am also going class now i am happy

#10 2012-08-02 06:00 - shital

I feel that good sanskaras is a misnomer, because even the best of sanskaras is MY creation. SOUL without any sanskaras, the purest form of Energy, should be the ultimate aim...kindly reflect.

#9 2012-07-31 19:19 - Dr Shital

To generate negative feelings of Anger, Hatred, Jealousy, Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Hopelessness, Discontentment etc.,the Attention of our MIND has to go into past or future. If we train our MIND to be in the present moment, we won't generate negative feelings. Instead we would only experience Peace, Love, Happiness, Joy, Bliss, Purity, Power, Contentment! The 5 vices of Ravana ( Lust, Anger, Greed, Want, Ego) are vehicles which take us into past or future to generate negativities.

#8 2012-07-30 13:57 - Moderator

Bhabnanda deb nath:  You are a spirit, a soul. You are a soul experiencing your life thhrough your sense organs, through the body. When you are aware of this and living your life according to this awareness.  This is spirituality.

#7 2012-07-30 13:54 - Moderator

richa:  The more you bring tis into your practical life the more effortless it will become, until it is natural for you to be aware and think in this way.

#6 2012-07-30 08:18 - richa
Om Shanti.

Conservation of energy can be possible by being aware on one's thoughts.

By being aware, one can control or divert ones thoughts.

I wish each one of us could do that effortlessly. How does one attain this?
#5 2012-07-30 04:26 - bhabnanda deb nath
what is spirituality?
#4 2012-07-29 13:29 - pawan
great thoghts dadi ji thank u so much for share with us shanti
#3 2012-07-29 11:08 - BK RAVINDAR
Dadiji's message is very useful for each and every one. Simple and easy to practice if anybody realizes its great benefit.
#2 2012-07-29 05:22 - Sumita
Om shanti dadi.yes I also every time feel where from you get all the energy and wisdom.but by going through all your messages it's just has brought miracles in my life .by looking at you one can understand how much tranquility and inner strength is inside you.yes you are hundred percent,time and energy are the most three valuable things in life .we should make the best use of it.bye
#1 2012-07-28 20:42 - Bereket
It is true.
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