Happiness and sorrow come from the inside
Dear Friend,

Om shanti.  I have always wanted to open an account in order to measure how much happiness I have. In the world people give many reasons for being unhappy. They do many external things to bring themselves happiness.  However happiness and sorrow come from the inside. All human beings cry the same type of tears. We are all souls.  We all have the same essential form.  It is when we come into bodies that there is a difference in color, caste, religion etc.

The key to living in happiness and helping others to be happy is in the subtle moves inside.  First, whatever happens, maintain faith and good feelings in your mind! Don't allow yourself to develop doubts in any aspect. Think good thoughts, and you will feel how you are able to maintain your happiness.

Second, keep faith in the unfolding drama of life. There will always be something new in the drama, but maintain the faith that everything is beneficial.

Third, take a pledge to stay in the true company of One.  Keep walking the path and perform such actions that benefit both yourself and others.

With love,
BK Janki

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