Past is past

Dear Friends,

Om shanti. This time is such that we have to move into a state of soul conscious awareness inside ourselves.  We have to remain soul conscious in the relationships we’re in, the people we’re with and the situations we’re facing.  Don’t allow your mind to return to situations of the past.  Keep the awareness that "past is past".  Whatever it was, is finished.  And now is the time to keep your thoughts elevated and your feelings pure.

With love,

BK Janki

#2 2016-11-03 03:24 - kaushambi mukherjee
thank u dadiji
#1 2016-06-20 08:08 - Raman Kumar
Respected Dadi Jankiji, I have been listening to programmes conducted by Respected Sister Shivani for the last many years. I am also trying my best to follow the practical aspects of doing it in my life. I follow good values like truthfullness, honesty,patience, doing good to people who are doing something negative against me. I have the nature of helping people who genuinely need help . I also try my best to guide people to live a healthy lifestyle. I feel that if you have good values you will be nearer to GOD or you will more soul conscious, but till now this feeling has not yet come in me, what should do about it . I request you to guide me to achieve this. Thanks.
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