We need three powers

Dear Friends,

Om shanti. In life we need three powers.  The first is patience. In order to have patience, we need the power of tolerance. If we can’t tolerate, we will never have patience. The third power we need is contentment. We have to remain content ourselves and make others content. 

Some say, “Well, I am content anyway”. But it's not enough to be only concerned about ourselves. Some say that they try to make others content, but that others never become content. This reveals a lack of patience. When we have the power of patience and the power of tolerance, then we will be able to make others content.

Whether it is an aspect of the body, mind or wealth, let me remain patient. Let everyone feel when they are in my presence, ‘this one is content’.

With love, 

BK Janki


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0 # Moderator 2014-05-13 10:20

To have knowledge of somting is good, but to fully understand and experience somting to be true, you have to put that knowldge into practice, and experience it for yourself  The more you practice the more depth of undestanding you will have. You come to understand the truth and your relationship with it, and come to undersand yourself and others more.  This takes pateience, tolerance and contentment as Dadi explains.  Do not give up, have determination and patenece. This is a journey, your journey no one else can do it for you.

amushna sharma
0 # amushna sharma 2014-05-07 07:27

Om shanti Dadi janki...m newly joined..so drs a lots of confusion. .n lots of question arise. Is dr ny way to solve all this confusion.

divya manohar tiwari
0 # divya manohar tiwari 2014-05-04 10:00
With respect
My name is divya . I am 20 yrs old. i just donot understand why i am send to this world, what to do.i just belived that i am good for nothing. I am a teacher as a profession but after watching ur show i got some ans to my questions but still i canot control my anger and tolerance pls help me out so i can be stable in my life.
thanking you,
Santosh Kumar Das
0 # Santosh Kumar Das 2014-05-04 04:20
Sometimes life seems deceptive and causes mental agony.
Please guide us
0 # Moderator 2014-05-03 19:54

Deepak: God is our guide.  It should not be, when we seek an answer that He guides us, but He does so all the time if we follow the directions He has given us.  It tends to be when we loose direction that we ask for Gods help.  If even as we are thinking we connect our intellect to God it is as though we are partnering with God, it is not that we have to remind ourself to be tolerant - we will naturally do so because we are following God's directions.  One thing is to ask God for tolerance and the other is to maintain our tolerance, be with God as a detached observer, then we will have the wisdom to be naturally loving and detached in our attitude, our feelings and our actions.  In this way we will remain chearful.

0 # Moderator 2014-05-03 19:34

Srishty Rana:  Become introverted, practice soul conciousness.; you are a soul not a body with this awarness you will experience being bodiless more.  Also by remembering God you remove the negitivity of the soul which has become burdened by wrong actions done through the body.  Let spiritual knowledge bubble in your intellect, if there is knowldge in your intellect you will remember God and continue to make progress


Utpal Kr Chakraborty
0 # Utpal Kr Chakraborty 2014-05-02 13:00
read it.
0 # deepak 2014-05-01 08:21
With respect,
Madam, I am 28. I meditate fr 1 hr every day. I am a doctor. I have practiced self discipline and tolerance for a long time. But in the course of time all I saw was a downfall of my confidence in response to external happenings someones very bad. But I never lost hope. Right now, I am nothing but god has still given me everything via my dad. All I ask from god is a self reliance. Where am I lacking in my attitute towards life.
Thank you, kindly reply
0 # dattatray 2014-04-30 16:28
Srishty Rana
0 # Srishty Rana 2014-04-30 15:24
Om Shanti,
I am new follower, could you please advice me how to practice bodilessness all the time or how to be aware all the time?
Thanks in advance.
0 # suresh 2014-04-30 12:37
very nice
0 # prem 2014-04-29 20:58
Kumar pitti bk
0 # Kumar pitti bk 2014-04-29 17:21

beautiull quote .. daily class delivered like honey bananas..tastes even better

Shreeti Verma
0 # Shreeti Verma 2014-04-29 12:24
I'm one of the Baba's bachhi and can only go to the center on sunday as I'm working. Dadi please suggest how to bring stability in mind. Sometimes I'm at content sometimes it feels I'm seeking contentment. Dadi, I understand the gyan Shiv Baba gives to us but how to hold it to keep that eternal feeling forever and do not get disconnected now and then?
0 # Rajdaye 2014-04-29 01:14
I think patience is very important to have in our daily activities. If i did not have patience and tolerance, i could not have given ten years of caring to a sick mother (Alzheimer's Disease). The soul left her body totally satisfied and i am satisfied. Thanks Dadiji for sharing.
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