Sweetness and Truth
Dear friend,

Sometimes we think of service as the meetings and planning that we do “out there” in the worlds of our organizations, but the simple and powerful methods by which we serve are based on our inner stage of sweetness and truth.

The children who are sweet and truthful are loved by God.  In fact the ones who are sweet are loved by everyone.  If you become bitter, then you give sorrow to many.  So our words should be sweet, and our eyes should reflect spirituality.  In our actions and tasks there should be truthfulness.  There needs to be a great deal of humility in our relationships.  Be humble and all virtues will emerge and yourweaknesses will finish.   These are the simple but powerful methods by which we serve at this time.

With love,
Dadi Janki

#3 2015-04-01 16:04 - Varun Prakash Singh
Dear Dadi ma
Each and every human beings including other living things have God in their heart . So, We should not be rude and brutal towards any things . By uttering sweet words, we can win the heart of our enemies again and all over again, let alone friends .If we talk and converse with anybody don't dare to see the physicality but observe the commonalities between ourselves.What are the commonalities between ourselves ? That is-we have the permanent pains in our hearts, we are chasing the happiness in a hope that one day we shall be able to catch it.So be compassionate.
#2 2012-12-05 06:24 - abhijit kumar sinha
It is all well when I am stable and centered. But I find that it require attention and regular practice; meditation. I strat well in the morning and as soon as I go into action and interaction I forget all. Even 1 hour alarm sometime do not come to any help.
Now I understand that lifestyle change is very much required but it require more strength. Still I keep on faith that " Jyotir bindu hi torega maya moha ka khela."
Om Shanti.
#1 2010-11-26 12:23 - Preeti
Dear Dadi,
Thanks for the lovely message. Its easy to be sweet and nice when the other person is also nice. But when the other person is selfish, rude and trying to take advantage its not easy to still keep your positive energy. How to deal with such situations and people.
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Dadi Janki advises not to weave stories of sorrow, but share stories of happiness.

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