Powerful influences on your life

Dear Friends,

Om shanti. There are three things that have a very powerful influence on your life:

  • As is the food, so is the mind
  • As is the company, so is the colour
  • As is the water, so is the speech

When we remain in God’s company, the atmosphere becomes spiritual and others benefit from that atmosphere.   Dadi has paid a lot of attention to using breath, thoughts, and time in a worthwhile way.

This is why today you all experience elevated feelings when we are together.  Each of us has to do this so that we can enable others to have deep feelings of love. Do not waste a single breath, thought or second. 

Times are such that we cannot afford to be slack in any way – even with our breath.  Create such an atmosphere of remembrance that it is filled with loving feelings and faith. By doing this you receive spiritual power and you serve the world.


With love, 

BK Janki


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