Each of you is wonderful
Dear Friends,

Om shanti. Today I am remembering each of you and the very special parts
you play in the world at this time. Do you feel the specialty of your
own part?

God is wonderful. The unfolding drama of the world is wonderful. And
each of you is wonderful!  I know from our conversations that some of
you are facing situations in your lives that may not feel wonderful, but
we know that this unfolding drama of life is always beneficial. To
experience it as wonderful requires that you watch it as a detached

You do not need to search for peace. We can move our minds into soul
consciousness and connect with God and experience peace in a second. Our
ability to consider ourselves to be souls and to connect with God gives
us the power we need to be free from the bondages and attachments that
have kept us tied up for so long. It also creates a wonderful atmosphere
by spreading vibrations of peace.

Let go of carelessness and become alert and you will experience God’s
company and naturally serve others.

With love,

Dadi Janki

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Dadi Janki explains how conquering attachment brings strength and power to one’s life.

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