Teach your mind to talk to God

Dear friends,

Om shanti.  The call of this time is to remove our weaknesses and to finish our karmic accounts.  In order to remove my weaknesses, it is essential to connect my intellect in yoga to my Father. This should be my concern at this time, and I have to have determination in this. Each of us has karmic accounts from our past, and we have settle these accounts with our own efforts.

Teach your mind to talk to God, and maintain a link of communication with Him as you move through your day. Do this and you will feel very good. You will have the feeling that God is helping you. You will receive the fruit of your feelings, and you will develop more faith.

Then you will see how all situations in your life appear to become lighter. They will also not increase. You will be able to settle them. It is the quality of our thoughts that can make us light. Determined thoughts mean thoughts that are not mixed with weak or negative thoughts.

With love,
BK Janki


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