Become a sensible driver
Dear Friends,

Om shanti.To do things quickly brings tiredness and mistakes.  These
days old and young all say, “I am tired.”  I never say that, because I
never allow the pressures of time to make me careless.  When we forget
to work carefully and with love, we lose the harmony in our interactions
and those around us lose hope.

If a tire gets punctured, how will it move forward?  When you feel tired
and “flat,” you know that something made a hole in your tire for it to
go flat, or maybe you made a mistake, so your battery got flat.  God
says to us to just learn how to drive properly, which means to do things
with care and with love.  Then not only can we move along but we can
also take passengers safely too.

I don’t know how to drive a car but I know how to drive myself.  There
are headlights and tail lights so that people in front or behind me
shouldn’t have any problems.  If someone wants to go in front that’s
fine.  Become a sensible driver.

With love,

BK Janki

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