Choose to live in a garden
Dear Friend,

Om shanti.  I want you to understand that you can choose to live in a garden – no matter what is happening outside.  You can learn to remain cheerful! Don't allow yourself to go into a jungle of thorns. A jungle of thorns is created when you ask why something is happening, what someone is doing, why someone is doing something etc. To get caught in such questions and thoughts is to be trapped in a jungle of thorns. In fact, everything is easy but some make it difficult by creating their own jungle of thorns.

This is a unique time.  Realize how God is making everything easy for us, by taking us in His lap. Keep deep regard for God in your heart and remain in the happiness and protection of living in a garden.

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Words for the World - Detachment

Dadi Janki shows how to be free from attachment and desires.

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