Connection, communication and relationship
Dear Friends,
Om shanti and greetings of peace from Shantivan – the Forest of Peace.  As I continue my reflections for the New Year, three words especially feel important in our spiritual journey - connection, communication and relationship.  As we refine ourselves in each of these, transformation becomes easy and automatic.  There are some who have continued sustained communication and have come close in relationship.  Others, through a deep connection, have received a lot of strength.  Without a connection and relationship it’s not possible to communicate.   

We experience love from a relationship, power and strength from a good connection and through our communication we become spiritually attractive.  Each one must think about each of these areas for themselves.  To what extent is my connection with myself and God strong?  Are my relationships with others filled with pure feelings?  Is my communication filled with spirituality?
To the extent that I am able to free myself from negative, unnecessary and wasteful thinking, speaking and doing, accordingly I will continue to experience success in all my connections, relationships and communications.  Waste energy becomes a block and inhibits the soul’s ability to connect, relate and communicate.

So my friends, go deep in each of these for yourself and experiment with deepening the subtle threads of love in relationship, power in connection and spiritual attraction through communication.

with love,

BK Janki

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