Benefit and Safety

Dear friends, Om shanti. One of the things that upsets us the most is the words and actions of others. The way we must live in the world is by looking at everything as a detached observer, not allowing the situations to touch or affect us. When you find yourself feeling upset by what someone is saying or doing, remind yourself that everyone’s part is unique. Everyone is playing his or her part, and no two parts are the same.

There are three specific powers that will help you with this: the power of tolerance, the power to accommodate and the power to pack up. The power to tolerate is so good, and with this power whatever situation comes in front of us, we don’t think too much. If we think about it, the matter will worsen. By accommodating and packing up, we go into the essence, reminding ourselves of who we are, and who we belong to. There is so much benefit and safety in this.

With love,

BK Janki


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bk.Priya shree
0 # bk.Priya shree 2017-03-13 21:18
I'm inspired by this fact said above and truly, its accepted thank u for such inspiration.
Dimple Kanagesvary Vellapa
0 # Dimple Kanagesvary Vellapa 2017-03-13 04:48
I want to join the meditation class. I live in Sentul. Where can I go?
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