Peace is our religion
Dear Friend

Om shanti.  It seems that in our times we have come to value a busy and absorbed intellect.  But this will not bring us peace.  At this time, if I am to be of service to the world, I must keep my intellect free. If the slate is clean, you can write on it. Finish off the past. Finish whatever karmic account is there. I have to become clean and peaceful.

Who becomes peaceless? The one who does not remember the Father or the Home of souls becomes peaceless. My Father is the Ocean of Peace, and my Home is the ocean of peace, so if I become peaceless, I should pull my own ears. Some people hear something and become peaceless. Do not listen to or speak wasteful things.  Keep your intellect free and your thoughts elevated.  Then you will have so much power that whether others stay far or close, they will become peaceful. Peace is our religion.

With love,

BK Janki

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Words for the World - Hope

Dadi Janki says that in order to face the intense challenges of the world today, time is calling for all souls to reclaim feelings of love and peace.

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