Feel Strong and Refreshed
Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  Some of you tell me about the extreme tension you experience in your life.  It prevents you from paying attention to your spiritual practice, and it leaves you feeling very tired.

What is the face like of one who is in tension?  And what does the face of one who is paying attention look like?  When I say “Om Shanti” to you when we are together, it is to draw your attention.  I am fortunate not to experience tension; I feel fortunate to receive opportunities to serve.  Forget anything of the past, and become tension-free.  Due to lack of attention, tension can deprive you of sleep and disturb others’ sleep, too.  

Put yourself in a state of soul consciousness, and then put your attention on God and you will feel the tension fall away.  Your face and your presence will do service and you will feel strong and refreshed.

with love

Dadi Janki

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Words for the World - Detachment

Dadi Janki shows how to be free from attachment and desires.

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